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A diagram of dental implant at Periodontal Associates. Dental implants are a highly effective solution for lost teeth. Crowns mimic natural teeth in their form and function and titanium posts bond with and stimulate your jaw bone, allowing the Dental Implants to act just like a natural tooth would.

Unfortunately, implants can occasionally fail, and if this happens we will need you to come in so we can repair or replace them.

The Structure of an Implant

Most dental implants are made of a titanium post that is embedded in the jaw bone, a ceramic crown that acts as a replacement tooth and an abutment that connects the post and the crown. If one of these parts loosens or breaks, all three can become compromised.

Titanium is usually chosen for implants because it bonds with the jaw bone in a process known as osseointegration. If this process doesn't occur properly then you'll end up with an implant that isn't firmly in place. This will lead to problems later on.

Signs that an Implant May Fail

If the bone doesn't grow around the implant in the right way, mobility is often the primary signal that the implant may fail. This mobility is often very slight at first and usually only a dentist can see it, but as time goes on an implant that hasn't integrated properly can shift when you chew or speak. Implants that have failed completely with frequently.

Other warnings signs of impending failure include pain, inflammation, and infection, but these do not always occur. If Dr. Eshraghi notices that your implant is moving, he may conduct an x-ray to make sure the bone is growing. If the implant is failing, the x-ray may reveal considerable bone loss around the metal area.

Repair and Replacement

In cases where the implant crown becomes cracked or detached, it is an easy matter for us to attach a new, or make any other repairs if necessary. However, if the damage to the implant is too severe, we will need to remove and replace it.

It is easy for us to remove a failed dental implant, but we will need to use a local anesthetic for this procedure. Once the implant is removed Dr. Eshraghi will carefully clean the area. Then we can begin the process of inserting a new implant, making careful note of what went wrong the first time. If there is enough healthy bone in the same area, we won't need a bone graft.

However, in cases of significant bone loss, we may need to place a bone graft to improve the site of the removed implant before placing a new one. Once the bone graft is complete, your mouth may need several months to heal before we can put in a new implant. During the healing period, Dr. Eshraghi may ask you to quit smoking, postpone cancer treatment or make other lifestyle adjustments that will reduce the risk of the next implant failing as well.

Always remember to take good care of your implants by brushing and flossing daily. Also take care to eat a balanced diet and abstain from using your teeth as tools, as this can chip them. If you experience any problems with your Dental Implants, contact us right away.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please give us a call at (971) 317-8414.
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Meet the Team

Cassie, Front Office Lead at Periodontal Associates Cassie (Office Manager/Tualatin Lead)
Cassie has over 19 years of dental specialty office experience and can assist with any administrative, financial, and surgical questions. She enjoys all things outdoors and spending time with her two daughters and husband.

April, Insurance Coordinator at Periodontal Associates April (Front Office)
April has over 25 years of experience in the medical and dental fields and will happily assist with any questions you may have. When she is not at work she enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with her family.

Dawn, Beaverton/Portland office lead at Periodontal Associates Dawn (Beaverton/Portland office lead)
Dawn comes to us with over a decade of experience in the dental field. She is a skilled professional who takes pride in providing excellent care to her patients. She loves spending her free time exploring the great outdoors by either camping, hunting, or hanging out with her grandkids.

Nicole, Referral Coordinator at Periodontal Associates Nicole (Front Office)
Nicole brings over 17 years experience in the medical and dental field and can help you with any questions and/or scheduling needs. In her free time, she enjoys running, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.

Alexis,Front Ofice at Periodontal Associates Alexis (Front Office)
Alexis has over 7 years of experience in patient care coordination and insurance. Beyond her professional endeavors, she cherishes the time spent engaging with her four children through board games, fostering both enjoyment and learning. Outside of work and family, Alexis has a passion for country dancing which allows her to find joy in movement and music.

Jacob, Front Office at Periodontal Associates Jacob (Front Office)
Jake comes to us with over 9 years of experience in seamlessly managing patient care. Beyond his expertise in the dental field, he finds joy in spending quality time with his kids, dog, and cat. He nurtures his creative side through a love for art, music, and video games, showcasing his innovative problem-solving skills.

Brianna, Surgical Assistant at Periodontal Associates Brianna (Front Office)
Brianna comes to us with 4 years of dental front office experience. When she's not ensuring seamless communication between our practice and patients, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family, especially with her six-year-old son. Her love for the outdoors draws her to explore the scenic beauty of the coast and waterfalls, providing a perfect balance to her dedicated work ethic.

Vanessa, Front Office at Periodontal Associates Vanessa (Front Office)
Vanessa joined us with 5 years of both front and back-office experience. She ensures a seamless and efficient referral process for all our patients. During her time away from work, she finds immense joy in exploring new places and spending quality time with her son and family.

Javier, Systems Administrator at Periodontal Associates Javier (Systems Administrator)
Javier brings a wealth of both dental and technical expertise and a passion for seamless operations to our dental offices. With a degree in Cybersecurity, he not only ensures that our systems run flawlessly, but also prioritizes their security. He is adept at troubleshooting and seamlessly integrates his technical skills with his extensive 8 years of patient care coordinating experience, enabling him to also manage our hygiene schedule. Beyond the office, Javier cherishes outdoor adventures, often immersing himself in camping trips with his friends and family.

Rhandie, Lead Surgical Assistant at Periodontal Associates Rhandie (Lead Surgical Assistant)
Rhandie brings over 16 years of experience to the office. Her genuine concern and empathy create a pleasant experience that patients can look forward to. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing flag football and spending time with her two children and husband.

Lindsay, Surgical Assistant at Periodontal Associates Lindsey (Surgical Assistant)
Lindsey comes with over 6 years experience in the dental field. Being very knowledgeable, she is happy to answer any questions and help you in any way throughout your treatment. When she is not at work you will most likely find her working at a winery, spending time with her family and doing anything outdoors.

Alex, Surgical Assistant at Periodontal Associates Alex (Surgical Assistant)
Alex comes with over 5 years of experience in implant and prosthetic dentistry, and with 8 years of dental experience. She is happy to answer any questions and help you throughout your whole treatment process. While not at work you can find her reading a book or spending time with her family and pets.

Bailee, Surgical Assistant at Periodontal Associates Bailey (Surgical Assistant)
Bailey has over 4 years of dedicated practice in providing exceptional patient care. Bailey's passion for assisting patients with their treatment shines through her extensive experience. Outside the dental office, she cherishes quality time with her son Colton and family. Bailey's commitment and compassion greatly enrich our dental team, ensuring top-notch care for all our patients.

Brittney, Hygienist at Periodontal Associates Brittney (Hygienist)
With over 17 years of experience in the dental industry, Britt obtained her Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene from Lane Community College. While her attention to detail and determination for maintaining high standards in the profession is top priority, her ultimate enjoyment comes from connecting personally with each of her patients. When she’s not in the office, Britt enjoys the outdoors - riding the winding country roads on her motorcycle, hiking, hitting up sporting events, and of course, spending time with her wife, Kaylah, and their German shepherd mix, Dakota Riley.

Lauren, Hygienist at Periodontal Associates Lauren (Hygienist)
Lauren has a Bachelors in Hygiene from USC. She has been with our practice for over 25 years demonstrating her extensive periodontal knowledge in dental hygiene. Her patients have come to appreciate the care and passion she has for educating them in their oral and general health issues. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and she stays heavily involved in the Arts.

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